Friday, June 11, 2010


Generally In SQL Server, When You submit a query the following activities taken place Internally:

1. Parser

2. Algebrizer (Normalizer)

3. Optimizer -

In SQL Server upto 2000, The term is 'Normalizer', But in 2005/2008 is called as 'Algebrizer' not 'Normalizer'( The tern replaced as 'Algebrizer') - There is some internal changes are there between the two as follows..

A) The 'Normalizer' will not maintain any Optimization History, It will maintain only the replaced final value alone.

b) But, The 'Algebrizer' will maintain Optimization History.

We can view the optimization history by


The DMV will have three columns Counter, Occurrence & Value.

Algebrizer is a new component in SQL server 2005, which replaces the Normalizer in SQL Server 2000. It takes the output of Parser and binds. Binding and Algebrizer are both same.

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