Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cluster.exe Example

Cluster.exe is part of the default installation of Server 2008. But clusters can only created after the feature “Failover Clustering” has been installed. Otherwise an error message like the following will be displayed

C:\>cluster testcluster /create /ipaddress:

Creating a Cluster:

C:\>cluster testcluster /create /ipaddress:

Deleting/Destroying a Cluster:

C:\>cluster testcluster /destroy /y

Without the optional parameter /CleanupActiveDirectory the cluster’s computer account will not be deleted but only deactivated.

Shutting Down and Restarting a Cluster:

C:\>cluster testcluster /shutdown /y

move group:

cluster.exe Spann group "Cluster Group" /moveto:Shannon

cluster.exe Syntax (windows 2003):

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